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From Nathan Gotch

St. Louis, MO.

Dear friend,

Do you agree that there’s more information about SEO than ever before?

Well, here’s the truth:

Despite unlimited amounts of SEO information…

Companies Are Struggling To Achieve Consistent SEO Results.


That’s what I’ll explain today.

01 First, I’ll show you the 7 reasons why companies are struggling to achieve consistent SEO results (despite having unlimited amounts of information). 

02 Then, I’ll explain exactly what your company needs to do differently if you want consistent first page rankings. 

03 Lastly, I’ll share a solution that over 700 agency owners, SEOs, and marketing directors are using to achieve consistent first page rankings for thier clients and companies. 

But before I dive in, I want to tell you a quick story.

A few years ago the Vice President of the biggest supplement company in St. Louis called me about a problem they were having.

It was strange because this company had:

A strong offline presence.

An incredible culture and their employees were fully committed to their brand.

A well-known CEO with a huge personal brand.

A strong social media presence and they were even driving tons of sales using Facebook ads.

Most people would view this company as “clicking on all cylinders”.

But there was one problem:

They Were Invisible On Google.

That’s when the VP had a realization:

The only way they could take their company to the next level is to:

Invest In The Most Powerful Marketing Channel, SEO.

…and what did this VP do next?

He opened up Google and typed “St Louis SEO” to look for a company.

That’s when he discovered that Gotch SEO was ranking #1:

He called and then quickly became one of our clients.

Did you see what happened?

The VP wanted to take his company to the next level.

He realized that they had no SEO strategy (and weren’t leveraging it as a channel)

The VP went to Google and searched for a company to work with

He then hired the company (Gotch SEO) that was ranking #1

That’s The Power Of SEO.

Trust me…

It definitely wasn’t my impressive sales skills that turned this lead into a client either!

Now getting new clients by using SEO is cool, but getting them results is all that matters.

Here’s what we did to get this client results:

We performed an in-depth SEO audit.

Then we created a priority list based on what actions will have the highest impact

We identified the following actions as high-impact:

Optimizing their site’s technical performance

Improving their site architecture

Upgrading their content on their category and product pages

Now you’re probably wondering: how did it turn out?

Our client went from invisible to:

Dominating For Extremely Competitive Keywords In The Health And Fitness Industry:

And here’s their organic keyword position growth:

We Grew Their Total Organic Keyword Positions By 16,000% (Not a Typo).

But listen:

The only SEO KPI that really matters is traffic.

So here’s their organic search traffic data:

We Grew Their Organic Search Traffic By 93%

This company had never done SEO before and their website had very little authority.

So the question is:

How Did We Beat Other Supplement Companies Who Had Bigger Budgets and Much Stronger Websites Than Our Client?


We used a proven SEO process.

More on this in a second.

But listen:

There are many one hit wonders in the SEO world.

People who achieve SEO success with one website can rarely replicate it with another.

That’s why I’ve spent nearly every waking second over the last 5 years testing and refining my SEO process.

I Wanted To Take “Luck” Out Of The Equation.

I wanted a repeatable process that I could use to rank and drive organic search traffic to any website.

Good news:

I achieved that goal.

In fact:

I’ve been able to do it so consistently that companies pay my agency more than $48,000/year to execute the SEO process I’ll be showing you soon.

But before I do, I want to prove to you that…

My SEO Process Isn’t a One-Hit Wonder.

Let me introduce to a company that specializes in sending reminder calls.

Like the previous story, this company wanted to scale so they decided that they needed to invest in SEO.

But here’s where this story takes a different turn:

The CEO of the company wanted to figure out how they could do SEO in-house instead of hiring an agency.

They began trying to figure out SEO by searching keywords in Google like “backlinks”, “PBN”, and even “Ahrefs”.

But They Started To Notice A Trend During Their Research…

My company (Gotch SEO) continued to show for these super competitive keywords and countless others they were searching:

After spending a few months trying to DIY their SEO, they decided to “bite the bullet” and invest in SEO services with my company.

After going through our SEO audit procedure, we identified that the highest impact action we needed to execute was to acquire new backlinks.

That was our focus at the onset and within only a few months…

Our Efforts Helped Our Client Increase Their Organic Search Traffic By 100%.

These two companies had one thing in common:

They decided to:

Stop guessing (and hoping for results)

To invest in an SEO company that already had a proven process.

But now it’s time for me to be real with you:

Although my company has a repeatable SEO process that works…

Things Weren’t Always That Simple.

Don’t worry:

I won’t bore you with my sob story background (or silly rags to riches to story).

Who Am I?

My name is Nathan Gotch and I’m the founder Gotch SEO.

Thousands of agency owners and marketers visit Gotch SEO every day and my work has been featured on Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, Content Marketing Institute, Forbes, and many more.

But before I became the guy known for ranking websites consisently on Google…

I Was Just A College Student Wanting To Make Some Side Income Online.

My family wanted me to go the “traditional” route and become a lawyer.

But I knew this wasn’t what I really wanted to do, so I decided to start looking for ways to make money online. This was an easy decision because I spent most of my teenage years glued to my computer.

After a little research I discovered a few different methods for making money online.

The first was paid surveys. I would sit in my dorm room (and in class) busting out these surveys and I was probably making like $5 per hour at best.

That was fail #1.

Then, I tried to sell my old college books on Amazon.

That was fail #2.

Then, I joined a program called Students of Fortune, where you could write essays for other students (not cool, I know).

That was fail #3.

Then, I attempted to write articles for Ezine articles and make money doing that. Once again, I was making pennies and knew this wasn’t going to work.

That was my fourth and fortunately, final failure in this process.

That’s because I eventually stumbled upon a course called web colleagues. This course (which was extremely low quality in hindsight) gave me the idea that I should start a blog.

I began brainstorming about experiences I could write about as a 21-year college student. Then I realized I only have experience in one thing: baseball pitching.

That’s when I decided to create a baseball pitching blog.

I then spent the next several months pumping out content (without any strategy), but despite my efforts my blog was a ghost town.

I was close to writing this off as failure #5, but I decided to keep pushing.

Instead of quitting, I started researching about how to get more traffic to my blog.

That’s When I Discovered SEO.

I immediately put what I learned into practice.

And within only a few short months, my blog was officially getting organic search traffic from Google.

Then I started making sales for the affiliate offers I was promoting!

This Was A Life Changing Experience

…and that’s when my obsession with SEO began.

I then started creating websites in other niches just to test and improve my skills. People always think it’s strange when I say this, but I wasn’t even concerned about making money. I was just creating these websites to learn and get better.

That’s because I knew if I was able to consistently rank on the 1st page of Google, I could monetize this skill in many ways.

In fact:

One of the biggest driving forces at this time was something I learned from Dan Kennedy. Dan said:

There is no skill more valuable than understanding how to get a business more customers.

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